L iteracy empowers individuals. It is the basic tool of civilization, celebrated as one of the very greatest achievements in human history and maintained as one of the essential building blocks of religion, for are we not commanded, in the opening verses of the Glorious Quran, to "read in the Name of [our] Lord"?

That Literacy has always been the skeleton key to knowledge, is an ancient truth. But in the modern day, literacy means more than this; it means access to information that now forms the steady undercurrent of our lives. The ability to read and write is not just about classrooms and newspapers. It also affects an individual's ability to understand the terms of a written contract, to make sense of a doctor's prescription, or even to comprehend something as simple as a road-sign.

Because literacy allows people to access public information, to enter a higher category of employment (thereby improving their socio-economic circumstances), and above all to fundamentally improve their quality of live, it is an essential development target. Our goal is universal literacy in Punjab, and this is a cause for which the Literacy & Non Formal Basic Education Department has worked tirelessly. It is my commitment to the people of Punjab that neither political will nor financial muscle will be found wanting in the task of bringing a pen to the hand of every man, every woman and every child in our province and in teaching them how to use it.

Muhammed Shahbaz Sharif
Chief Minister Punjab

Cinque Terre

Literacy is the back bone of any society. It is pre requisite for progress. The importance of education and its provision to all is the responsibility of the Government. With this premise in mind the Government of Punjab has always attached utmost importance to literacy. It is our resolve to make all out efforts for achieving Millennium Development Goals and we shall leave no stone unturned in this respect. Let's join hands and start a literacy movement till we realize the dream of a literate Punjab and literate Pakistan

Dr Farrukh Javed
Minister: Literacy & Non-Formal Basic Education

Cinque Terre

Sardar Atif Hussain Khan, MPA PP-250 (Rajanpur-IV) has been designated Parlimentary Secretary for Literacy & Non-Formal Basic Education Department, Government of the Punjab

Parlimentary Secretary Literacy

     We are living in an age of globalization, knowledge workers and knowledge societies. Through the expanding frontiers of knowledge, the world is on electronic super highway, witnessing new innovations and inventions everyday. Literacy is the first stepping stone for everything good in the lives of individuals and nations. It is almost a truism that education trampolines economic growth and development. The advancement in science and technology will be a far cry and a dream only without education and knowledge. Without competitive contemporary knowledge, there is every chance that individuals and nation states will be automatically marginalized.

Literacy and Non Formal Basic Education Department (L&NFBED), Government of the Punjab is charged with the statutory responsibility of enhancing literacy rate, promotion of adult literacy and life learning skills. The Department has chalked out the strategy for implementation of the programs and honed the details at policy, strategic, operational and tactical level.

Dr. Ismat Tahira
Literacy and Non Formal Basic Education Department
Government of the Punjab