• Literacy & Non Formal Basic Education Department
    Government of the Punjab

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Non Formal Education Assessment & Examination Cell


Rs. Rs. 80.896 Million

Period of Execution

1st July, 2015 to 30th June, 2020


36 Districts of Punjab


Assessment cum Examination of learners in Non Formal Education Institutes through Formative and Summative Assessment.


  • Art Competition was conducted and 3070 learners participated from NFEIs of all district dated 01-03-2016 to 30-03-2016.
  • Summative Assessment conducted in Year (2016-17), (2017-18) & (2018-19).


  • Formative Assessment.
  • Summative Assessment.


Formative Assessment (Digital Assessment via Tablet)

A field based staff is develop to assess the learners through digital tablet, which are present in all districts of Punjab. Digital assessment has become vital and dire need of present time due to advancement in technology. The assessors use this assessment tool to evaluate the previous knowledge of learners on the spot. Digital assessment helps generating online reports to keep a check on “students’” performance.

Summative Assessment (Paper Based Final Examination)

Assessors assess learners through paper based examination like any other formal way of assessment. The activity of the assessment is taken in two ways:

Promotional Assessment

Promoted learners are assessed through this technique of examination to validate their promotion on the basis of previous knowledge. The examination of following classes/learners are taken: Nursery, One, Two, Three, Four, Adolescents and Adults.

General Assessment

General Assessment is taken quarterly (Mid Term Exam) and is use to check the performance of the learners. The examination of following classes/learners are taken: Nursery, One, Two, Three, Four, Adolescents and Adults.


    • In 2018, two software has been developed for qualitative assessment to analyze performance of NFEIs and their learners.
    • In 2018-19, 30219 Non Formal Basic Education Institutes and 213604 learners has been assessed during formative assessment.
    • In 2018-19, 3488 Non Formal Basic Education Institutes and 11134 Learners has been assessed during Mock Exams of 5th class.
    • In 2019-20 Art & Craft Competition has been conducted in 240 AEP centers of 6 districts. 6912 learners participated in this competition.