• Literacy & Non Formal Basic Education Department
    Government of the Punjab

United Against Corruption for a Prosperous Pakistan

Non Formal Education Human Resource Development Institute


Rs. 211.017 (in Million)

Period of Execution

31st July, 2015 to June 30, 2020


Training / capacity building of

  • NFBEIs/ ALC Teachers
  • Literacy & Non Formal Basic Education Department Project Staff
  • Literacy & Non Formal Basic Education Departmental staff


Training are conducted in 36 Districts of Punjab and PMU Lahore.

Job Description of District Trainers
  • To provide capacity building training at District level to all Adult Literacy Centers (ALC) teachers at regular intervals (3Months periodically) and Non Formal Basic Education School Teachers.
  • To assess the strength, capabilities, skills and competencies of teachers.
  • To identify the weakness and deficiencies of teachers.
  • To conduct training sessions on weekly basis in cluster meetings.
  • To submit visit report on weekly basis.
  • To prepare “Performance Evaluation Report” of Teachers & maintaining accurate training records after providing training
  • To interact with the teachers and provide coaching on daily basis during the visit to resolve their issues.