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Non Formal Education Monitoring & Evaluation Unit

NFEIs exist in private rooms of private houses/premises in villages, small towns, suburban areas & slums of cities across Punjab. In such a scenario there is always a very high probability that NFEI would not operate as per PC-I requisites (dysfunctional or ghost institutions). Resultantly target population would not be served satisfactorily and public finances for the needful would go to waste. An efficient monitoring & evaluation system, as staffed with reliable cum capable staff & as equipped with modern monitoring & evaluation IT based systems, is essentially needed to monitor NFEI to ensure that same function optimally instant model has been based on the monitoring system device cum implemented by School Education & Health Departments.

The scheme titled, “Non Formal Education Monitoring & Evaluation Unit” (G. Sr. No. 703 ADP 2016-17) was initially approved by Departmental Sub-Committee (DDSC) on 31/07/2015 at a cost of Rs. 80.950 million with a gestation period of 11 months. 1st revision of the scheme was approved on 25/11/2015 by DDSC and its Administrative Approval was issued on 26/11/2015. By the first revision, the amount for publicity and advertisement was increased from Rs. 200,000/- to Rs. 600,000/- which was adjusted within the same cost. Third revision was made through DDSC meeting held on 01/02/2017 with revised cost of Rs. 177.807 million whereby the gestation period of the project was extended to 30/06/2018 (one year’s extension) with a view that monitoring is a continuous process.


  • Monitoring & Evaluation of Non Formal Education Institutions.
  • Monitoring by hiring Non Formal Education Monitors from retired JCO, CT/NCO of the armed forces of Pakistan in all 36 districts of Punjab.
  • Monitoring of NFE Monitors through IT based system.
  • All Visits of NFE Monitors have to be compulsorily absolutely surprise.
  • NFE Monitors shall compulsorily respect social norms during visits.
  • Information gleaned by instant field based monitoring & evaluation shall be processed & analyzed by PIU which in turn shall along with L&NFBE Department, devise & executes remedial measures.
  • Contributing towards achievement / realization of Sustainable Development Goals.


The scheme has been conceived to support the activity of monitoring & Evaluation of approximately 14,000 Non Formal Education Institutes of Punjab Non Formal Education Project and Taleem Sub Kay Liay Project established in 36 Districts of Punjab through 158 ex-service man from armed forces of Pakistan working as monitors. Monitoring and evaluation is a continuous process and project and project is working in full capacity.