• Literacy & Non Formal Basic Education Department
    Government of the Punjab

United Against Corruption for a Prosperous Pakistan

Taleem Sab Kay Liay


Rs. 117.113 million

Period of Execution

August, 2014 to 30th June, 2020


36 Districts of Punjab


Project would cater for establishment and operation of:

  • 1,260 NFE Feeder Schools for 126,000 number of out-of-school children at levels 0–3 of primary education & subsequently mainstreaming into the formal school system
  • 1,080 Adult Literacy Centers for 27,000 adult illiterate (completed)
  • 540 Adolescent literacy centers in 3 cycles for 9,000 adolescent illiterates (completed)
  • ALP outsourcing component for 3,600 adult illiterates across Punjab
  • Research activities in collaboration with University for improvement of literacy interventions of the Department (completed)


  • Provision of basic education to 112,189 children through establishment and operation of 1,260 Non Formal Education Feeder Schools in all districts of the Punjab
  • Provision of basic literacy to 21,826 adult illiterates through establishment and operation of 1,080 Adult Literacy Centers. This component has been completed successfully as pilot activity.
  • Provision of basic literacy to 10,690 adolescent illiterates through establishment and operation of 540 Adolescent Literacy Centers.
  • ALP out sourcing activity was completed only in 07 districts and 584 learners were educated by NGOs.
  • Research activities have been completed in collaboration with Public Sector Universities. 16 research studies completed on different non formal topics.
  • Created job opportunities for 2,520 teachers and 134 project staff